More Than Meets the Eye

For my final project in digital painting, I created a triptych featuring Sphynx and two important characters in her story.




Special Agent Theo Tyson is on the job one night when he crosses paths with a mysterious cat woman.  He soon discovers that Sphynx is the most valued partner he’s ever worked with.  Sphynx won’t reveal much about herself, but he is fascinated by her.  However,  Theo is torn between the secretive girl in the mask, and another girl he met recently.



The hero herself! School teacher by day, crime fighter by night.  Mandie Miller may have suffered great tragedy at a young age, but she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams of making the world a better place.  With he friends by her side, there is nothing she can’t do!



Local reporter Rachel Reivers was Mandie Miller’s freshman roommate, and they have been inseparable ever since.  They have always been each other’s support system through the best and worst of times.  They tell each other everything.  Except for one secret.  Will Mandie ever tell Rachel who she truly is?


Stayed tuned to see how the story will unfold!  SPHYNX the web comic will be coming to you starting next semester!


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