Babs Draws Babs

Babs Tarr is the artist for the comic that got me hooked on comics. In my first post I said that over the summer my grandmother had bought me the Batgirl of Burnside collection of Batgirl issues 35 through 40.


In 2011, DC did a revamp and relaunch of its entire line. This new continuity reestablished Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, after acting as Oracle since 1989. Gail Simone originally wrote the title, with a rotating list of artists working with her. However, for issue 35, the writing was taken over by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher partnered with Babs Tarr on art.

Babs Tarr was hired by DC to work on Batgirl after they saw her Japanese-inspired illustrations. She had previously studied Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. In fact, in her early issues, writer Cameron Stewart laid out the art, and she created the finished art from his sketches. This was because Babs had never worked on comics before being hired by DC, and she needed a couple of issues to adjust to the new work style.

Babs gets a lot of inspiration for poses, bodies, and fashion from images that she finds on Pinterest and Tumblr. She also looks to a number of other artists for inspiration, as many artists do. Babs has even stated that one of her biggest inspirations
is Bruce Timm, who happens to be one of my inspirations when it comes to work on Sphynx.


What I love about Babs’s art is that it is very sketchy, but also reminiscent of animated art (where Bruce Timm comes in). Her characters are very feminine in appearance, but also look like they could punch you in the face.


Babs’s run on Batgirl ended with issue 50. Today, she is still partnered with Stewart and Fletcher, working on a new title from Image Comics called Motor Cross, which just put out its first issue yesterday. Can’t wait to pick up my copy!



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