Concept Art

In my digital painting class a few weeks ago, we learned about concept art.  Concept art is a form of art that is used to convey an idea for film, video games, comics, animation, etc, before developing the final product.  It is usually used to pitch ideas to large studios or publishers to get backing for a project.  We talked specifically about the work of Ralph McQuarrie, a concept artist who created concept work for some of the most popular films and television shows.  He is best known for his concept art for the original Star Wars Trilogy.

We were then asked to create our own concept art, either for a sequel to a movie that doesn’t have a sequel or a new video game.  However, my professor said I could make one for Sphynx.


In addition earlier in the week we were assigned to make a self portrait using the oil paint tools.  He said that we could represent ourselves in any way we want.  So, shocker, I did a portrait of Sphynx.

I’ll be doing a post later this week on the large painting that I just finished.


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