Sphynx: The Movie

Don’t get your hopes up just yet.  There is no Sphynx movie in the making at the moment.  I still have to make her comic book/graphic novel.

However, for one of my classes I had to a create a movie poster for a movie that hasn’t actually been made.  Most people made posters for books that haven’t been adapted to screen, but I made this another Sphynx project.


My inspiration for my poster design was Tim Burton’s Batman.  That poster is just a gold Bat-symbol on a black background.  It’s very simple, but also very powerful.  I incorporated the title into Sphynx’s symbol and added her eyes at the bottom.  I threw a lot of Easter eggs in my poster in the credits as well.  I have Joss Whedon as a director, because I feel he would be the best person to bring Sphynx to the big screen based on his past work with Buffy, Firefy, and the Avengers.  I have Lin-Manuel Miranda composing the music.  Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, and Bruce Timm are executive producers.  I cast Dove Cameron because she has the right look and personality to play Sphynx/Mandie, and I cast Jordan Fisher as the male lead, Theo Tyson, because I based the look of the character on him.

So although there is no Sphynx movie yet, maybe someday you will all see Sphynx in theaters and maybe even some of the names I mentioned above involved.


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